About Hayley

Born in 1989 in Oxfordshire in the UK, Hayley Jane Smith has always loved and cared for the natural world. She describes her natural talent for art and drawing as her ‘autistic and dyslexic gift’ which she went on to develop further by obtaining a distinction level MA in Illustration at Falmouth University. Hayley has a scientific education in biology, zoology & ornithology and her ardent obsession with learning about birds, particularly parrots, has meant she has extensive knowledge on them. Furthermore she has completed an online short course on natural history illustration with The University of Newcastle, Australia. Hayley works hard to bring the natural world to life in her own unique style, using mainly traditional illustration techniques which she applies to digital using Procreate on her iPad Pro tablet. 

Hayley has recently signed a publishing contract for her children's
fictional book that she both wrote and illustrated herself called 'Alfie's Adventures - hyacinth macaw', which is projected to be released in February 2022. Through the ‘Alfie’s Adventures’ story, she expresses her concern about human impact on the natural world, and wants to inspire future generations to care for and conserve nature and our environment.


Hayley sells greeting cards printed with her own parrot designs on Etsy. Her ambition is to provide illustrations for publications on wildlife and natural history.


When she is not drawing, writing or doing crafts, Hayley spends her time with her partner and family going on walks, cooking, sightseeing, traveling and looking after her extensive houseplant collection and pet African grey parrot, Alfie! 


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